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Upview's Revolutionary Approach

At Upview, we revolutionize influencer marketing, fostering a tight-knit community to streamline brand campaigns, empower influencers, and transform followers into customers through product discovery and meaningful brand collaborations.

Join us in reshaping the future of influencer engagement.

Our strong community makes it easy for Influencers & Brands to connect in matters of seconds using AI Technology

Our Journey


Where it all started

Upview started its journey to address a common issue in the influencer industry: the challenge brands and influencers faced in communicating with each other.


Empowering Creators with AI-Driven Community

Our founders collaborated to consolidate their ideas, conducted thorough research for the company's requirements, and established the foundation for Upiew. This platform aims to assist emerging creators in leveraging their communities in various ways through our AI solution.


Beta Phase

Currently, we are in the beta phase, collaborating with multiple companies, brands, and influencers to refine and enhance our platform.

Our Team.

CEO & Co-founder

Ex- Impact Investor @ Family office, Early-stage founder, Ad Tech, Former EY Consultant.

UC Berkeley Alumni

Jenil Shah

CTO & Co-founder

Tech. PM @ Cisco Webex, PM @ Amazon Ads, Former Software Engineer @ JP Morgan

CMU Alumni

Bhavik Muni

You've got a campaign to launch; we've got the influencer community to make it happen.

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