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Our Mission

Empower content creators to convert their followers into customers through product discovery and brand partnerships with consumer brands. 

Our Story

Upview was started in 2022 to solve this: consumer brands struggle with distribution, whereas creators have loyal followers, but are unable to make a sustainable income from their communities. We connect the two using AI.

They struggle with understanding their audience's purchasing patterns and finding the right products to sell. To solve this problem, Anthony, Bhavik and Jenil started Upview to support growing creators to leverage their communities in multiple ways using our AI solution.

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Our Team.

CEO & Co-founder

CTO & Co-founder

CPO & Co-founder

Ex- Impact Investor @ Family office, Early-stage founder, Ad Tech, Former EY Consultant.

UC Berkeley Alumni

Tech. PM @ Cisco Webex, PM @ Amazon Ads, Former Software Engineer @ JP Morgan

CMU Alumni

7+ Yrs in Content Creator Consulting; managed 1.5K+ Content Creators with 25M+ Subscribers

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