Alternatives to YT Tracker: A Comparative Analysis of the Top 5 YouTube Analytics Tools

June 1, 2023
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In a world where video content dominates the digital world, YouTube is the undeniable king.

According to a study, YouTube has over 122 million daily visitors; on average a user spends at least 40 minutes on the site. (Isn't it AMAZING!)

With such a large user base, YouTube has become a potential platform for creators to reach a wider audience.

However, to survive in this highly competitive digital landscape with evolving user behavior, YouTube creators need the right equipment! 

But how can YouTube creators equip themselves? 

Well, That's where YouTube analytics tools come in! As they help creators and marketers not only survive but thrive on YouTube. 

YT Tracker has been the go-to tool for many years, providing insightful analytics that helps improve visibility and engagement. However, in this growing digital landscape, there is a growing need to leverage the full potential of technology, and YT tracker fails to achieve that due to its limited features.

That's why we’ve compiled a list of the best YT tracker alternatives to boost the growth and  success of your YouTube channel.

In this blog post, we will compare the 5 best YouTube analytics tools and help you choose the one that suits your needs!

Let’s go!

What are YouTube analytics tools?

YouTube analytics tools enable creators and businesses to track their progress on YouTube by providing insights at a granular level into metrics such as:

  • Views
  • Engagement
  • Demographics
  • Traffic sources
  • Viewing time
  • Subscribers

To boil it down, creators can leverage this data to identify and analyze how their content is performing, what is working and what's not, and make changes to their content to improve the performance of their channel and reach a larger audience.

Why do you need a YouTube analytics tool? 

YouTube analytics tools are data goldmines for creators, marketers, and businesses. These powerful tools are built with the capabilities to dig deeper into user behavior, fuel marketing efforts and provide valuable insights. Here is why YouTube Analytics Tools are important:

 dashboard of a youtube analytics tool displaying stats

1. To Understand Audience

Analyze the demographic data about your audience, such as age, gender, location, and activity times, and allow you to personalize your content accordingly.

2. Evaluate Content Performance

Evaluate how your videos are performing based on metrics like views, likes, shares, comments, and watch time to determine what kind of content resonates the best with your audience.

3. Analyze Engagement Metrics

Assess how viewers interact with your videos and monitor likes, comments, shares, and frequently viewed or re-watched sections to understand which parts of your videos are most engaging.

4. Identify Traffic Source

 Identify where your views are coming from to strategically focus your marketing efforts on those sources.

5. Retention Rate Assessment

 Monitor how long viewers are watching your videos. If viewers drop off early, you should adjust your content to keep their attention longer.

6. Track Subscriber Growth

 Use YouTube analytics tools to track your subscriber growth over time to set goals for future growth and evaluate the overall success of your channel.

7. Insight Into Monetization

 If you participate in the YouTube Partner Program, you can use YouTube analytics tools to gain insights into your revenue streams, such as ad revenue, channel memberships, Superchat, and YouTube Premium revenue.

Why Do People Look For YT Tracker Alternatives?

YouTube's built-in tracking and analytics tool has limited functionalities. It is highly beneficial for beginner-level monitoring as you can access all the primary-level analytics. 

However, in the long run, as your YouTube channel grows, you will need a powerful tool with  extended capabilities and monitoring functionality in order to understand competitors, audiences, etc. 

That's where YTtracker alternatives come into play! Here are the benefits of adopting YT tracker alternatives to grow your YouTube channel exponentially. 

1. Keyword And Seo Tools

The benefits of SEO are not limited to the search engines. SEO enables YouTubers to reach a wider audience organically; however, YouTube has limited tools for keyword research or SEO analysis. YT alternative tools might offer more robust tools to help creators optimize their video titles, descriptions, and tags for more optimized search. 

2. More Detailed Analytics

YouTube provides a substantial amount of data, but YT tracker alternatives might offer more detailed or different kinds of insights. This could include tracking specific viewer behavior, heat maps, or more detailed demographic information.

3. Historical Data

 YouTube's analytics provide a limited window into past performance. Alternative tools might offer an extended look back at your channel's history.

4. Competitor Analysis

YouTube doesn't have specific functionalities for analyzing competitors' performance. Therefore third-party tools can provide this data, which can be helpful for benchmarking and strategy development.

5. Custom Reports 

While YouTube offers a variety of reports, there might be a specific type of report that a user wants that isn't available; therefore, leading them to seek third-party tools.

Top 5 YouTube Analytics Tools

1. is a powerful AI-based YouTube analytics tool designed to drive YouTube growth through personalization and gamifying the creator's experience. It has built-in capabilities to efficiently monitor video performance and track KPIs to provide valuable insights and organically grow your traffic by suggesting the right keywords and optimizing the titles, tags, and descriptions. empowers creators and acts as a catalyst by becoming the ultimate tool for channel growth and fine-tuning content strategy.

Homepage of, a youtube analytics tool

Here are the growth tools of that make it the perfect YT tracker alternative: 


  1. SEO Capabilities: has built-in SEO integrations that allow content creators to optimize titles, descriptions, and tags with optimal keywords and drive more traffic organically. 
  2. Analyzing Audience Feedback: By leveraging NLP-powered sentiment analysis, delivers actionable insights on content creation and viewer satisfaction. 
  3. Easy-To-Use: is changing the game by introducing beginner-friendly and easy-to-use tools and integrations. 
  4. Gamification: Let's face it, staying motivated can be challenging. That's why is introducing a ground-breaking and innovative gamification approach that rewards content creators as soon as they achieve a new milestone. 


  • Advanced AI delivers customized insights and engaging video suggestions.
  •  A reward system based on milestones to boost motivation
  • Delivers collaboration insights fueling exponential growth
  • Analyzing and extracting viewer feedback for creating content with the right focus.


  • The tool is relatively new to the market. 


The pricing information is not available yet. 

2. Whatagraph

Whatagraph is another YouTube analytics tool that aims at empowering in-house teams and marketing agencies by generating valuable insights. This tool is easy to navigate and user-friendly and boosts a robust analytics dashboard. 

You can get the KPIs in one place and easily visualize your audience growth, interactions, subscribers, engagement metrics, and more. 

homepage of whatagraph, a youtube analytics tool

Below we have mentioned the extended features of Whatagraph: 


  1. Automated Reporting: Whatagraph automatically extracts data and puts it together to create insightful video analytics reports. 
  2. Data integration: The tool allows creators to integrate YouTube data with data from other platforms to provide a holistic overview of their marketing efforts. 
  3. Real-time collaboration: To facilitate better collaboration among the teams, it allows multiple teams to work together. 


  • Whatagraph offers native integration to nearly 40 platforms. 
  • It comes with a 7-day free trial. 
  • The platform is easy to use and doesn't require technical assistance. 
  • Offers a range of customizable templates and supports cross-channel reports. 


  • The data granularity level is low, making it difficult for users to conduct a comprehensive data analysis 
  •  More suitable marketing agencies. 


Professional: $223

Premium: $335

Custom: Contact their sales team. 

3. MorningFame

MorningFame is a YT tracker alternative, well-suited  for beginners because it has an easy-to-navigate website with significant features to fuel YouTube growth. Here is a list of features offered by MoningFame: 


  1. Optimized video search: It has features to implement best SEO practices to trigger views and reach. 
  1. Personalized Recommendation: MorningFame compares your channel with the competitors and prepares a detailed report that creators can utilize to supercharge their strategy. 
  1. Detailed Overview : MorningFame will display a detailed overview of which video has worked and which hasn't. This allows creators to experiment with their content. 


  • It is easy to use. 
  • MorningFame has rich channel analytics tools
  • An intuitive keyword research tool for video optimization. 
  • The tool is user-friendly and has no complex features. 


  • The data on the website is limited. 


The basic plan: $ 390 x 12

The plus plan: $ 9 90 x 12 

4. VidlQ

VidlQ is an end-to-end YouTube analytics tool that helps brands and agencies to grow their subscribers and views. It has impressive features to assist YouTube marketers in every step, like uploading videos at the right time, SEO, monitoring views and engagement, connecting with influencers, and much more.

homepage of vidIQ, a youtube analytics too

Here are the robust features of VidiQ:


  1. Generate Daily Ideas With AI: The daily ideas generator thrives on AI to surface the most relevant and personalized search results. 
  1. Thumbnail Generator: Create attention-grabbing and engaging thumbnails for your YouTube videos. 
  1. Keyword Tool: VidlQ's YouTube keyword feature enables the creators to understand what people are searching for and create content that reaches a wider audience. 


  • It has unified essential features like trend alerts, keyword research, compare views, and productivity tools under one platform. 
  • It is available as a Chrome extension. 
  • To save hours of research time, it gives personalized prompts. 
  • It is an AI-driven platform. 


  • Users report the extension not working properly or crashing. 


Basic- Free

Pro- $7.50/mo

Boost- $39/mo

Max- $79/mo 

5. Tubebuddy

Tubebuddy is a YT tracker alternative that is designed by keeping YouTube videos in mind. It enables you to write engaging descriptions and titles and create videos that align with your target audience. 

homepage of Tubebuddy, a youtube analytics tool


  1. Keyword research: It has built-in features to optimize the SEO performance of your youtube channel and accelerate organic growth by finding the perfect keywords. 
  2. Decreases Publishing Time: Tubebuddy will cut the publishing time in half and allow creators to focus on other important tasks.  
  3. Boosts channels performance: It analyzes and delivers deep insights to boost your channel's performance. 


  • It is available as a Chrome extension. 
  •  Allows to create visually compelling data reports. 
  • Customer support is excellent and is available via emails and phone calls. 
  • Time-saving integrations to help creators focus on creating content


  • Tricky dashboard presentation. 
  • A/B testing features are limited. 


Pro: $3.20/mo 

Legend: $22.80/mo 

Enterprise: Contact their sales team


YouTube analytics may seem like rocket science at first due to the complexity of data. However, by leveraging the right YouTube analytics tools and improvising the metrics, you can transform your YouTube journey and grow your subscriber base exponentially. 

We believe that the above list of YT tracker alternatives has helped you choose a YouTube analytics tool that appropriately matches your needs. 

All the tools listed above are amongst the best and come with a set of features and functionalities at various pricing points ; however, if we still have to choose one having a slight edge over the others, then we will pick is a ground-breaking AI-powered YouTube analytics tool that extracts precise data on your YouTube performance and generates useful insights.

To take your YouTube journey up a notch, join our waiting list now!


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