11 Essential YouTube Analytics Metrics You Should Track

April 19, 2023
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If you have been looking to grow your YouTube channel, trust us, measuring your YouTube analytics metrics is as crucial as deciding about the right content. Now, if you wish to gain more subscribers or want to increase viewership, these real-time YouTube metrics will do you justice! Moreover, tracking your YouTube analytics metrics correctly, will not only help you identify your channel’s success but will also upscale your channel. 

So, what are the right YouTube metrics that can help you achieve your goals? To help you find your answer, in this blog, we will be walking you through the:

YouTube Analytics Metrics You Should Track

  2. Watch Time
  3. Engagement
  4. Impressions & Ranking
  5. How Viewers Found Your Content
  6. Audience
  7. Unique Viewers
  8. Audience Retention
  9. Re-watches
  10. Playback Locations
  11. Traffic Sources

Read more about each point



One of the most important YouTube analytics metrics is the ‘view’ count. Views are the total number of times a particular video is played. This YouTube metric may seem quite simple but plays an important role in any channel’s success.  To get a ‘view’ count, the video should be watched for more than 30 seconds. These first 30 seconds of your video can either make or break your complete YouTube strategy! 

Watch Time

Watch Time

Watch time is another YouTube analytics metric that provides real-time information on the total time viewers have spent watching your videos. This is also one of the most important YouTube metrics that helps assess your content’s performance. Watch time is as crucial as the above-mentioned YouTube metric ‘view’. This is because watch time displays the total time and helps you compare which video has won more watch time. 



Engagement metrics like - Comments, likes, and shares provide YouTubers with a lot of valuable data that helps them understand their videos' engagement levels. More comments paint a clear picture that the video has set an impact on the viewers. Shares describe how much your viewers resonate with your content. Likes and dislikes can help you identify which video topics work best with your audience. 

Impression & Ranking


Impressions make a huge difference. Higher impressions mean that your video is ranking very well on search results while on the other hand, while lower impressions eventually mean that your videos are ranking very poorly. To ace this YouTube metric, you could include relevant keywords in your video’s title and description. You may use YouTube keyword analytics to identify which keyword will help you rank higher and better. 

How Viewers Found Your Content

Knowing how your viewers found your count is another boon to YouTubers today. Internal sources like the YouTube feed, YouTube shorts, YouTube suggestions, search, etc. are some of the modes that bring viewers to your channel. Once you are well aware of this practical YouTube analytics metric, you will be able to tailor your content accordingly. 



A detailed understanding of your audience will help you identify what strategy would work best for you. When you know certain YouTube metrics like who your audience is, where they come from, what their age is, etc. play an important role in crafting just the right content. 

Unique Viewers


Unique viewers are the total number of people who have watched your YouTube video. Other than helping you figure out the number of your viewers, this comprehensive YouTube metric forms an important success factor of your video strategy. Understand and learn how to bridge the gap between your subscribers and unique viewers, and watch your ‘unique viewers’ turn into your ‘loyal viewers’.

Audience Retention

Audience retention is another critical YouTube metric that gives insights into your video’s performance. For instance, you can use this YouTube metric to navigate the most engaging parts of your video alongside the moments that lose the most viewers. In this way, you can discover the content you need to work on or skip out on.


Re-watches is the YouTube metric that tells you the number of times viewers re-watch particular parts of your video. If a majority of people are re-watching a certain part of your video, then they are interested in the topic your video is covering at that moment. These topics can be further used or re-purposed for your future video strategy

Playback Locations

playback locations

Another YouTube metric is the playback locations which tell you where your videos are being played. Using this metric, you can also discover the various locations that bring in the most views and then update your video strategy accordingly. It also helps you circulate your content far across nations if done correctly. 

Traffic Sources

Last on the list, is the most important YouTube metric - traffic sources. These traffic sources include external sources like social media, websites, advertisements, etc. that embed your videos and bring in just the right traffic. You can further use this data to better optimize your YouTube video strategy while promoting them.

Final Thoughts

Working on your YouTube video content strategy is essential, but it is even more important to understand your YouTube analytics metrics. Make the best use of Upview -  an AI-powered cutting-edge platform crafted exclusively for YouTubers who wish to win success. This YouTube analytics platform not only offers YouTube insights but also provides a new-gen YouTube competitor analysis tool alongside a comprehensive dashboard with real-time YouTube analytics.

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